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Lightopia® is a magical vast interactive and immersive lantern and light festival. Filled with thousands of lanterns and lights in different shape, sizes and forms, the installations can be animals, flowers, building structure or just artistic lights, projections etc. Transform the night parks and gardens into a magical land of lights to celebrate different occasion.

Lightopia aims to revive and reinterpret the classics, transporting the audience into a very different world of expression and raw emotion with the light designs and interactive pieces. The designs are the timeless units of nature. The interaction between space and form is made possible by Lightopia, a spiritual society that exists only in the works and ideas of its creation. We want to build on the idea that Lightopia transcend the original form and serve an even higher purpose through careful artistic intervention.

  • Cities: London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
  • Years: 2019, 2020
  • Category: Festival

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