We are The Joy Makers .

About us

We are multi-award winning team!

We call ourselves the joy makers!

We take different aspect of culture, develop into an idea and produce into a large scale of culture events, festivals and museum exhibition, attractions for global audiences that entertain, educate and inspire. 

Company Vision

Outreach Creative has a unique vision:- To develop and produce a portfolio of large-scale ticketed cultural events, festivals, museum exhibitions and attractions for global audiences, that educate, entertain and inspire.

Our clients “See things; and they say, ‘Why?’ But we dream things that never were; and we say, ‘Why not?” It is this philosophy that differentiates us from our competitors and makes us successful. From ideation, conceptualisation, content development, production and take to market strategy, Culture Event Creative have delivered projects across the UK, Europe and China.

Outreach Creative produce events for external clients and also produces in-house ticketed events, which we launch under sub-brands. We specialise in the following sectors and industries; creative, education, entertainment, science, culture, heritage, museums, tourism and visitor attractions.

do you have an idea want to make into something big?